Credit for your first car

Once the driver’s license is in dry cloths, the desire for a car is understandably very great. But at the age of 18, some people still don’t have the money ready. But what do you do if you don’t want to forget the driving skills you just learned?

Different options to get a car

Different options to get a car

Spontaneously, some freshly licensed license holders get the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking out a loan for their first car. Whether this is an advantage may be left open. Especially as a new driver’s license you have to accept one or two dents on the vehicle. If nothing is contributed by dad or mom, young license holders sometimes have no choice. If the search for a used car leads to a dealer, the prospective customer inevitably stumbles across the installment payment offers of the car dealer banks.

Many are quick to grab here. But a comparison can certainly help to save money. Even if the offers of the dealer banks are initially tempting, the offers of the other banks should also be checked. Anyone who finds a loan for their first car at a conventional bank can enjoy paying the car in cash at the dealer. In practice, nothing has changed so far that there is an additional discount from the car dealers. That makes the first car even cheaper.

Used or new cars?

Used or new cars?

It almost goes without saying that a novice driver should not immediately buy a new car. A small used car is enough to start with. They are available for a few hundred dollars. New drivers shouldn’t approach buying a car with great expectations. Before deciding on a high-quality vehicle, the driver should have sufficient driving experience. Repairs are usually not cheap and if you want to get a loan for your first car anyway, you should include this in the loan amount. It would be a shame if the car is left unused after the first small accident because the repairs cannot be paid for.

Applying for long term loans and other loans has never been easier

Applying for long term loans, payday loans, or any online loan application is easy. We are a global loan comparison service that allows you to compare loans and loan rates. Do you want long term loans and or low interest loans?

Easy process for long term loans or short personal loans

Easy process for long term loans or short personal loans

We always have the means to compare long-term or personal loans quickly and conveniently for you. You get the information you need from us, and all you have to do is decide what works best for your situation.

You are not going to get frustrated when applying for a loan because you will be stripped so that you will see all the necessary basics. It’s as easy as dropping it 1-2-3. No outdated banks, no difficult legal or financial terms – we’ll provide you with all the information you need in the easiest possible way. Now all you have to do is decide if you are ready for low-interest short-term or long-term loans. We explain the terms and conditions of the bank to you, all you have to do is make a loan choice and apply for it.

You can use your low interest rate loan for a Caribbean trip you’ve been thinking about for a long time, or when you need money for a new Mac that you promised your child a birthday present. With your long term loan, you can once again renovate your house and thus have a higher value in the future.

A short or long term loan is easier to take online

A short or long term loan is easier to take online

There are many benefits to applying for a loan online. Whether you are applying for a long term loan, a short term loan or a 5000 loan it does not matter. In addition to being more convenient, easily accessible to you, it is also much cheaper than a loan from an old-fashioned bank.

This is really a big advantage when you only apply for a small loan. Think about it, when you had to queue at a local bank before getting a small personal loan from an angry banker. Or Imagine what it might have been like when applying for a long term loan. This doesn’t happen to us, you don’t have to worry. Remember the words quickly and easily? That’s what we’re trying to do here .

Fill in the form with your name, address and telephone number. These help us find the loan that is perfect for you. If you’re over the age of 18 and want a $ 5,000 loan, for example, we’re looking for the best option you can get. You will receive a loan offer in a few minutes to your email.

Car loan comparison before signing the contract

 Do you want to make your dream of your own car come true and are you looking for suitable financing? Want to get the lowest possible interest?

Organize repayment according to individual requirements? – Then you should definitely resort to a car loan comparison before signing the contract.

Make car loan comparison – it’s that easy

Make car loan comparison - it

The comparison of several car loan offers can now be done quickly and easily via the Internet. Numerous finance portals provide loan calculators for this. By using a loan calculator, the borrower can compare several loan offers, taking into account the term, loan amount, repayment, etc. A car loan comparison without a loan calculator on the Internet is hardly possible today. The different conditions of the providers make a comparison of several offers very difficult today.

There are clear differences between the individual providers, particularly with regard to interest rates, the options for structuring the term and loan amounts and the options for repayment.

This is particularly important when comparing several offers

This is particularly important when comparing several offers

When comparing several car loan offers, the borrower should focus primarily on the interest rates. When comparing several loans, the difference between the debit and effective interest rates should be noted. If you compare the borrowing rate with the comparison, you may have to expect significantly higher credit costs, since the borrowing rate only shows an adjusted interest value. This contrasts with the effective interest rate. This is listed separately in the loan calculator comparison and is shown taking into account the information provided. Since the effective interest rate reflects the actual interest costs, the user of the credit comparison can call up a particularly accurate comparison result.

Especially when comparing several loan offers, it is important that the requirements regarding the duration and loan amount can be recorded, as is the case with the loan calculator. When designing the term and loan amount, borrowers should proceed carefully and always take their own financial options into account. Borrowers who have a low income should agree on offers that allow a long term structure. Long terms contribute to higher borrowing costs – since the remaining debt is reduced more slowly – but the credit default risk for the borrower is significantly lower. Deciding on the right loan amount is no less important. For the bank, high loan amounts are associated with a higher capital commitment, which is why the borrower should opt for a small loan amount if possible.

Advantages and disadvantages of credit comparison

By taking individual preferences into account, it is possible for the borrower to determine the best loan offer with the help of the loan calculator. The fact that individual information can be recorded enables particularly precise comparison results to be achieved. As a result, the best interest rates can be called up and the total loan costs can be significantly reduced.

A disadvantage that can arise are possible costs for the credit comparison. Many financial portals now offer comparison free of charge, which is why it should be preferred. When comparing, anonymity must be taken into account, sometimes personal information is requested, these comparisons should be avoided.


The loan calculator comparison on the Internet makes the search for the best offer much easier and more effective. The borrower is able to use the loan calculator to find the best loan offer taking into account individual information, to call up the best interest rate and to save a lot of money in the long term.

About Income Loans. What you should know?

Today, almost every person needs more cash than they already have at some point in their life, and they use bank loans to meet this need. Nowadays, where banks are also in a kind of lending race, using bank loans is getting easier every day and the range of customers addressed by bank loans is expanding.

Extracting Credits Without an Income Certificate

Extracting Credits Without an Income Certificate

The most frequently asked questions in the last few days are about banks that give loans without income. First of all, when the basic loan terms are examined, it is not possible to obtain a loan without declaration of income certificate.

The first thing examined by banks after the loan application is completed is whether the insurance premiums have been deposited in the name of the applicant during the last 6 months before the date of application. The rates of people who have not paid their contributions for the last 6 months without interruption are almost impossible.
In some cases, insurance premiums are disabled.

The applicant can apply for a mortgage bank loan by showing his property as a guarantee to the bank. No matter what a mortgage loan is, mortgage transactions can occur and may cause high losses in the short term as their expenses will increase. Although we show the real estate as an assurance to the bank, the bank will still ask us for an income statement in the application process, because the banks do not want to undertake real estate trading like a real estate agent.

Therefore, it is focused on the customers that it can collect its credit. Real estate owners can also show their rental income from their properties as income statement. The fact that a person with a clean credit registry vouches for the applicant also positively affects the loan purchase.

It can also be said that banks tend to be more loyal to their loyal customers, that is, people with different time deposit accounts, customers with various automatic payment orders, and those with high credit points.

About Loan With Side Income

About Loan With Side Income

We will be asked to declare an income certificate if we want to make a loan application to a bank by any means. In other words, it is not possible to obtain credit without declaring income certificate under normal conditions. But it should be remembered that it is at the discretion of the bank to approve a loan application regardless of the rules. After the loan application, the conditions are evaluated and the loan application is approved if the advantage of the bank is reached.

For this reason, there are banks that offer non-income loans in our country. In addition, many advertisements called banks that give credit without income always appear in the virtual world. Although these advertisements have no reality, they are composed of the services of illegal individuals and organizations.

These individuals and institutions are defrauding both banks and borrowers by applying the absurd interest rates and the loans they receive for those who cannot get credit. Illegal use of credit by working with these individuals and institutions is defined as a crime in the penal code and criminal sanctions are stated.

How You Can Damage Your Credit History

Prolonged delays in paying utility bills, inattentive guarantees, hasty borrowing – these are just some of the reasons that affect credit history and thus the ability to get a loan and a better interest rate.

How can you quickly damage your credit history and then recover it, says Sergey, Head of Consumer Lending at Good Finance.

Delayed payments

Delayed payments

One of the ways in which credit history can be damaged is through late (sometimes even accidental) payments – both late payments for a few days and long-term unpaid regular service payments (including utility bills, internet bills or electricity bills, etc.). Active debts have a critical impact on a client’s credit history, so it is important to pay them off, but keep in mind that a post-payment is overdue and does not benefit the credit history.

When assessing a customer’s credit history, the credit institution’s internal information on the individual’s credit history and payment history, as well as data from various external registers, such as the Lite Lender’s Credit Register, the Credit Information Bureau, and the Insolvency Register, are taken into consideration.

“It is important that there are no active delays, and so is the amount and regularity of delays, as all of this indicates the customer’s discipline in making payments. A very unfortunate fact is the entry into the debtors ‘base of the Lite Lender’s Credit Register, which includes debtors with at least ninety days’ debt in excess of $ 150. In addition, the Lite Lender’s debtor’s database maintains information on both assets and past debts. Sometimes a customer thinks that when the penalty interest is paid, the bad credit history is also deleted, but unfortunately, the credit history remains the same, and sometimes the limitation period can be as long as ten years, ”explains Good Finance.

He recommends keeping a close eye on the cash flow in your account, and if there is any payment to be made a few days before your salary, it is usually possible to change the payment date or have an automatic payment made by your bank to avoid late payment. Sergey Romunuk emphasizes that as soon as the client has solvency difficulties (reduced income, unemployment), it is best to immediately contact the credit institution and seek solutions – the bank will help the client to find the most convenient solution.

Traps can also be a guarantee


Sometimes a person does not even think about it, but just as much risk as late payment is guaranteeing another person who tends to delay payments – this too can have a negative impact on credit history. Therefore, before taking on a guaranteed obligation, you also need to look at your ability to repay these loans in the future.

Unofficial income

It is not enough that a certain amount of money is deposited into a bank account each month, it is important for positive credit history that the client’s income is official, regular and can be proven by a real employment contract.

Ill-considered borrowing

Ill-considered borrowing

Very bad credit history can be affected by borrowing that does not match the customer’s ability to repay the debt. Therefore, when making a commitment, the customer must critically and responsibly evaluate their options. As a result, the regular use of fast credit can have a detrimental effect on your credit history. “One quick credit that a customer is able to repay on time does not have a negative impact on credit history. Difficulties start when this loan cannot be repaid within the time frame previously planned. In such cases, it is often extended several times, or another larger credit is taken to clear the previous one, which may continue several times. This shows that the client has difficulty in planning his financial flow, ”explains Sergey Romanyuk.

Traditionally, borrowing should not exceed 30% of income. Of course, the higher the income, the higher that percentage may be. Conversely, the lower the income, the lower the amount that can be set aside for credit payments.

Sergey Romunuk mentions some other risks that can affect a customer’s credit history in the eyes of the bank: “Living from pay to pay, without savings and financial planning, because saving both disciplines the customer and shows the ability to make savings. Conversely, if the customer does not have the resources to maintain his existing standard of living, credit may become a heavy burden in the future. ”

Credit history correction

Unfortunately, repairing your credit history is slower than damaging it. And sometimes it takes up to ten years, during which the client receives a solid income and carefully covers all payments to gradually restore trust in the lender’s eyes. But it is possible. And most often, new credit agreements can be concluded by gradually increasing the loan amount.

The guarantor may have to repay the loan

Not everyone is aware that becoming a credit guarantor of another person means taking on a full contractual obligation to make payments when the borrower fails to do so.

A study by the Institute of Finance shows that the Latvian population lacks the understanding of guaranteeing liabilities. And, remarkably, it is the people who are late in payment that turns out to be the most willing to be the guarantor of even more distant relatives, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, sometimes without much thought, saying that they need to help their fellow human beings.

Lenders are increasingly attracting co-borrowers

Lenders are increasingly attracting co-borrowers

Rather than guarantors in recent times, which further underlines the nature of joint commitments. Namely, both the principal borrower and the co-borrower have the same rights and obligations under the contract, so that the guarantor or co-borrower is equally liable for the performance of the obligations under the contract.

“Commitment to a guarantee is a serious decision that requires careful examination of the circumstances as well as an awareness of the potential consequences. Becoming a credit guarantor of another person means entering into a full contractual obligation that includes making payments when the borrower does not make them himself. But it is the part of the company that itself has time-consuming payment difficulties and low financial literacy that also has the greatest lack of understanding of the level of guarantee liability, ”says Evia, an expert at the Will Ladislaw Institute of Finance.

In order to avoid giving yourself a helping hand by agreeing to be a guarantor with your peers, the expert recommends careful consideration of several issues before making a decision.

For what reason does a lender ask for a guarantor?

For what reason does a lender ask for a guarantor?

If this is because the borrower has had, or still has late payments, it is risky and requires careful consideration of the circumstances. The likelihood that the borrower will not make the new commitment on time and that the guarantor will also have to make use of his own funds is much greater. Similarly, when a borrower has insufficient income to borrow the large sum claimed alone. Unless it applies to the same household when credit is being sought for common goals. On the other hand, if, for example, one of the parents is engaged as a guarantor for the processing of a child’s study loan, such a step is considered justified.

What are the terms of the contract? The guarantor, like the borrower, must also be thoroughly acquainted with all the terms and conditions of the contract so that all potential consequences and potential liability, which the guarantor bears in whole or in part, are clear at the time of engagement.

How much total commitment can you make to your income?

How much total commitment can you make to your income?

Becoming a guarantor of another person’s credit can have a significant impact in situations where you want to take out a loan yourself. The amount of guaranteed debt affects your creditworthiness, so it is important to understand how much total debt you can commit to your income so that borrowing does not burden your financial situation.

Will you be able to repay the guaranteed loan? There are absolutely unexpected events in your life, so you should be prepared for a situation where you will have to take over some or all of your payments at the time you make the guarantee, even if the probability seems small at first. Before taking on a guaranteed obligation, you also need to look at your ability to repay these loans in the future.

Are you ready for a long-term commitment? It is not possible to cancel a guarantee agreement when it is signed. Consequently, the opportunity for rethinking is not given unless another guarantor is provided in your place and / or the change is approved by the lender and the borrower agrees to the change.

Reasons for Banks Not Approving Loans – Loans are Issued!


The reasons for banks not approving loans are quite relative. Almost everyone needs to get credit in certain periods of their lives. Sometimes there are large and sometimes less credit applications. Taking credit is seen as an urgent solution. But; banks do not always approve loan applications.

I want to take a loan but they do not give the promise is a common situation. There are many reasons why banks may not provide loans to an individual. Because a bank takes the individual under examination as soon as the individual applies for a loan.

Banks approve loans that will guarantee reimbursement while providing loans to individuals. If there is a risk in repayment of the loan to be provided, the bank rejects the loan application. Because the bank wants to secure its credit. Therefore, even a minor roughness after examination may result in the rejection of the loan in question.

At the same time, since banks do not have an obligation to give loans to individuals, the bank is free to not give loans to individuals when it deems unsuitable. The roughness detected by banks is the reason why the sentence that banks do not give credit is repeated frequently.

Reasons for banks not approving loans

Reasons for banks not approving loans

The credit rating is one of the points that banks pay the most attention to their loan applications. The credit rating represents the individual’s financial history. Therefore, the credit rating is a decisive factor for a bank. The individual who says I want to take credit should pay attention to this point. If the credit applicant’s credit score is high and fulfilled under other conditions, the bank may approve the loan application.

The individual must learn the credit rating. For this, credit rating calculation is required. Those with low credit ratings may try some techniques to upgrade their credit ratings. At this point; The most preferred method to increase credit rating is to obtain a credit card. If the credit card is paid regularly in accordance with the calendar, the credit rating of the individual increases in a certain time.

Credit Limit

Credit Limit

Credit line; is a currency given according to the individual’s income. Banks have credit limits. In general, this limit; salary / 2: monthly amount. To clarify this situation, the monthly installment amount of the loan should not exceed half of the person’s salary. Therefore, the individual has to set a credit line suitable for his income and salary. If it sets a limit exceeding this situation and applies, the loan will not be approved.

Irregular Payments History

If the individual has not regularly paid the loans that he has used before and this is followed by the banks because of this situation, this affects the approval process of the loan application. At the same time, this situation is reflected in the person’s credit rating. In addition, those who have delays in credit card payments are under these negative effects.

Document and Document Deficiency

Document and Document Deficiency

In loan applications, all documents and documents requested by the bank in question must be delivered to the bank in full. It is extremely important that all documents related to income and salary are submitted to the bank. At the same time, failure to provide or declare a single document or document seen in detail causes rejection of the loan application.

The existence of another loan that continues to be problematic

Persons may need a second loan while they have an ongoing loan. In these cases, you can apply for a loan. Of course; In such cases, the ongoing loan of the person will be examined. For example; monthly payment amounts of the ongoing loan, whether the individual pays regularly and in accordance with the calendar is examined. If there is a problem or disruption in ongoing loan payments, the bank may not approve the loan.

Credit Registry

Credit Registry

The so-called “Black List” is often heard. If an individual has a legal or administrative track record in the credit registry within this framework, the bank may reject the loan application.

What is the discount and surrender loan? Who is given Check Credit? What are the conditions?

The cash needs of small or large enterprises are constantly maintained in order to survive so that they can continue their business. In order to ensure the continuity of the practices and prevent any problems in the works; The need for cash is always a necessary factor. For the continuity of these works, there is also a government incentive and business owners are offered various facilities with easy payment methods.

Discount / Loan Credit

Discount / Loan Credit

Commercial enterprises, in order to ensure continuity in the sector; The promissory notes or checks they receive for the return of their services and goods are used instead of money. These papers are; It takes place in valuable papers. However, the use of these valuable papers carries several risks.

There are factors such as loss, theft, day duration. For the promissory notes; In order to meet the cash needs in return, the credit value appears in this case. In such cases, banks’ discount credit is used. So, what are the discount credits and lending credits? What are the advantages?

What happens if the payment is not made within the due date?

What happens if the payment is not made within the due date?

Checks or notes are known as valuable papers that are converted from the bank as cash when they expire. Most of the time, cash needs may be experienced and these checks may be requested to be exchanged. Banks offer you various credit options for these valuable papers that are not expired.

Considering the length of this maturity period, the bank will give you cash. In addition, commission and interest are applied to you. In this case, you will have an additional interest and commission in your pocket. At the same time, the amount of the payment, which is included in the legal deductions of KKDF and BSMV, are met.

Interest, Commission and Taxes

The commission will pay back taxes or interest or the person who owns the bill. For subsidiary and discount loans; Although any bank receives commissions or interest, most trading companies often prefer these loans. However, this promissory note is overturned by the bank when the due date comes. In the case of a check, the person responsible for this is not the checker. The person responsible is the owner of the check.

The banks that you want to make transactions, at the end of the checks, monitor the legal transaction and enforcement proceedings by the lawyers in their bodies. It is not possible to make credit records by notary in the transactions belonging to the account in participation and discount loans. In this type of loan, the interest amount is compared to other loan options; it has a lower rate.

Advantages of Discounting Loan Credit

The cash needs and cash exchanges of commercial companies and companies are very important and always needed. Valuable notes that are generally used in commercial field; This cash need may be disrupted in some cases. In addition, the banks that have developed subsidiary and discount credits; these valuable papers meet their customers’ cash needs before they expire.

In return for this; There are deductions such as commission and interest. Checks and promissory notes often disrupt these valuable checks as they disrupt the cycle in business life. Banks; They deduct interest by applying interest to their users based on the length of maturity. The remaining part of these cuts comes to you in cash. This system in question is protected and legally supported.

What is the Difference Between Discount Loan and Participation Loan?

What is the Difference Between Discount Loan and Participation Loan?

Valuable papers that do not expire in the participation and discount credits; It is possible to convert it into cash with the appropriate interest amount. While discount credits are formed as the delivery of the promissory notes to the banks by withdrawing loans instead of the promissory notes; Depending on the bills that do not expire in the participation loans, credit withdrawals occur in places located outside the borders of the municipality. The only difference is; there are municipal boundaries.

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