About Income Loans. What you should know?

Today, almost every person needs more cash than they already have at some point in their life, and they use bank loans to meet this need. Nowadays, where banks are also in a kind of lending race, using bank loans is getting easier every day and the range of customers addressed by bank loans is expanding.

Extracting Credits Without an Income Certificate

Extracting Credits Without an Income Certificate

The most frequently asked questions in the last few days are about banks that give loans without income. First of all, when the basic loan terms are examined, it is not possible to obtain a loan without declaration of income certificate.

The first thing examined by banks after the loan application is completed is whether the insurance premiums have been deposited in the name of the applicant during the last 6 months before the date of application. The rates of people who have not paid their contributions for the last 6 months without interruption are almost impossible.
In some cases, insurance premiums are disabled.

The applicant can apply for a mortgage bank loan by showing his property as a guarantee to the bank. No matter what a mortgage loan is, mortgage transactions can occur and may cause high losses in the short term as their expenses will increase. Although we show the real estate as an assurance to the bank, the bank will still ask us for an income statement in the application process, because the banks do not want to undertake real estate trading like a real estate agent.

Therefore, it is focused on the customers that it can collect its credit. Real estate owners can also show their rental income from their properties as income statement. The fact that a person with a clean credit registry vouches for the applicant also positively affects the loan purchase.

It can also be said that banks tend to be more loyal to their loyal customers, that is, people with different time deposit accounts, customers with various automatic payment orders, and those with high credit points.

About Loan With Side Income

About Loan With Side Income

We will be asked to declare an income certificate if we want to make a loan application to a bank by any means. In other words, it is not possible to obtain credit without declaring income certificate under normal conditions. But it should be remembered that it is at the discretion of the bank to approve a loan application regardless of the rules. After the loan application, the conditions are evaluated and the loan application is approved if the advantage of the bank is reached.

For this reason, there are banks that offer non-income loans in our country. In addition, many advertisements called banks that give credit without income always appear in the virtual world. Although these advertisements have no reality, they are composed of the services of illegal individuals and organizations.

These individuals and institutions are defrauding both banks and borrowers by applying the absurd interest rates and the loans they receive for those who cannot get credit. Illegal use of credit by working with these individuals and institutions is defined as a crime in the penal code and criminal sanctions are stated.

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