What is the discount and surrender loan? Who is given Check Credit? What are the conditions?

The cash needs of small or large enterprises are constantly maintained in order to survive so that they can continue their business. In order to ensure the continuity of the practices and prevent any problems in the works; The need for cash is always a necessary factor. For the continuity of these works, there is also a government incentive and business owners are offered various facilities with easy payment methods.

Discount / Loan Credit

Discount / Loan Credit

Commercial enterprises, in order to ensure continuity in the sector; The promissory notes or checks they receive for the return of their services and goods are used instead of money. These papers are; It takes place in valuable papers. However, the use of these valuable papers carries several risks.

There are factors such as loss, theft, day duration. For the promissory notes; In order to meet the cash needs in return, the credit value appears in this case. In such cases, banks’ discount credit is used. So, what are the discount credits and lending credits? What are the advantages?

What happens if the payment is not made within the due date?

What happens if the payment is not made within the due date?

Checks or notes are known as valuable papers that are converted from the bank as cash when they expire. Most of the time, cash needs may be experienced and these checks may be requested to be exchanged. Banks offer you various credit options for these valuable papers that are not expired.

Considering the length of this maturity period, the bank will give you cash. In addition, commission and interest are applied to you. In this case, you will have an additional interest and commission in your pocket. At the same time, the amount of the payment, which is included in the legal deductions of KKDF and BSMV, are met.

Interest, Commission and Taxes

The commission will pay back taxes or interest or the person who owns the bill. For subsidiary and discount loans; Although any bank receives commissions or interest, most trading companies often prefer these loans. However, this promissory note is overturned by the bank when the due date comes. In the case of a check, the person responsible for this is not the checker. The person responsible is the owner of the check.

The banks that you want to make transactions, at the end of the checks, monitor the legal transaction and enforcement proceedings by the lawyers in their bodies. It is not possible to make credit records by notary in the transactions belonging to the account in participation and discount loans. In this type of loan, the interest amount is compared to other loan options; it has a lower rate.

Advantages of Discounting Loan Credit

The cash needs and cash exchanges of commercial companies and companies are very important and always needed. Valuable notes that are generally used in commercial field; This cash need may be disrupted in some cases. In addition, the banks that have developed subsidiary and discount credits; these valuable papers meet their customers’ cash needs before they expire.

In return for this; There are deductions such as commission and interest. Checks and promissory notes often disrupt these valuable checks as they disrupt the cycle in business life. Banks; They deduct interest by applying interest to their users based on the length of maturity. The remaining part of these cuts comes to you in cash. This system in question is protected and legally supported.

What is the Difference Between Discount Loan and Participation Loan?

What is the Difference Between Discount Loan and Participation Loan?

Valuable papers that do not expire in the participation and discount credits; It is possible to convert it into cash with the appropriate interest amount. While discount credits are formed as the delivery of the promissory notes to the banks by withdrawing loans instead of the promissory notes; Depending on the bills that do not expire in the participation loans, credit withdrawals occur in places located outside the borders of the municipality. The only difference is; there are municipal boundaries.

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