Do you want to make your dream of your own car come true and are you looking for suitable financing? Want to get the lowest possible interest?

Organize repayment according to individual requirements? – Then you should definitely resort to a car loan comparison before signing the contract.

Make car loan comparison – it’s that easy

Make car loan comparison - it

The comparison of several car loan offers can now be done quickly and easily via the Internet. Numerous finance portals provide loan calculators for this. By using a loan calculator, the borrower can compare several loan offers, taking into account the term, loan amount, repayment, etc. A car loan comparison without a loan calculator on the Internet is hardly possible today. The different conditions of the providers make a comparison of several offers very difficult today.

There are clear differences between the individual providers, particularly with regard to interest rates, the options for structuring the term and loan amounts and the options for repayment.

This is particularly important when comparing several offers

This is particularly important when comparing several offers

When comparing several car loan offers, the borrower should focus primarily on the interest rates. When comparing several loans, the difference between the debit and effective interest rates should be noted. If you compare the borrowing rate with the comparison, you may have to expect significantly higher credit costs, since the borrowing rate only shows an adjusted interest value. This contrasts with the effective interest rate. This is listed separately in the loan calculator comparison and is shown taking into account the information provided. Since the effective interest rate reflects the actual interest costs, the user of the credit comparison can call up a particularly accurate comparison result.

Especially when comparing several loan offers, it is important that the requirements regarding the duration and loan amount can be recorded, as is the case with the loan calculator. When designing the term and loan amount, borrowers should proceed carefully and always take their own financial options into account. Borrowers who have a low income should agree on offers that allow a long term structure. Long terms contribute to higher borrowing costs – since the remaining debt is reduced more slowly – but the credit default risk for the borrower is significantly lower. Deciding on the right loan amount is no less important. For the bank, high loan amounts are associated with a higher capital commitment, which is why the borrower should opt for a small loan amount if possible.

Advantages and disadvantages of credit comparison

By taking individual preferences into account, it is possible for the borrower to determine the best loan offer with the help of the loan calculator. The fact that individual information can be recorded enables particularly precise comparison results to be achieved. As a result, the best interest rates can be called up and the total loan costs can be significantly reduced.

A disadvantage that can arise are possible costs for the credit comparison. Many financial portals now offer comparison free of charge, which is why it should be preferred. When comparing, anonymity must be taken into account, sometimes personal information is requested, these comparisons should be avoided.


The loan calculator comparison on the Internet makes the search for the best offer much easier and more effective. The borrower is able to use the loan calculator to find the best loan offer taking into account individual information, to call up the best interest rate and to save a lot of money in the long term.